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Uné Morgan

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Creative expression,
in a multitude of mediums

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Wine Art

Paintings in wine and wine painting masterclasses.
One of my uncommon painting materials, which combines the beautiful creativity of wine making and art. 

Wine and Gold 1.jpg
Manor House.jpg

Update: Solo Exhibition

June - October 2023

Near Saint Tropez, France.

This exhibition is now closed.


Four months of wine and art on the beautiful south coast of France. Displayed were 17 of my artworks, of ranging styles and mediums. 
A special 18th piece was created during the show. Painted using only wine and gold, in collaboration with the visitors and guests of the vineyard. Combing my love for art, wine and creating together. 


Collaborating with the public:
Wine & Gold

Snippet of the 18th, collaborative piece from the exhibition. 

    The public was invited to paint using Domaine Sainte Marie's red wine and lace it with gold leaf.

Thereafter, their sparkling wine paintings were sewn together using golden thread, creating a tapestry, that continued to grow over the four months of the exhibition. Creating a timeless moment of togetherness, which connected the individuals, from all parts of the world, through their participating.'

"Everyone Is Creative. This is my strong and tested belief "

- Uné Morgan

You can find videos of this playful opportunity on my Instagram or by clicking here.

Wine Gold 3.jpg
Wine Gold 2.jpg
Wine Gold 1.jpg

One of a kind, handcrafted pieces in

gold, silver and precious stones.


Bespoke designs upon request.


Works in a range of mediums, styles and sizes. 

Commissions taken upon request.


Private viewings are arranged upon request.



Domaine Sainte Marie | Saint Tropez, France.

June - October, 2023

The Gallery at Green & Stone of Chelsea | London, UK.

Virtual Summer Exhibition, August 2023

Studio, London.

Upon Request.

About Me

Uné • 'you-nay'


South African-European artist, creates mixed media art, working in a range of mediums, including but not limited to broken glass and clay, gold leaf, acrylic and watercolour.


Her work centres on creating 'visual parables' which invoke personal reflection and encouragement, both through imagery and the specific materials incorporated. 


Her years of making jewellery inspired her direction in making sculptural story-telling pieces.  


She has exhibited in her home country of South Africa with additional shows in London, UK and Saint Tropez, France.

"Remez means 'hint'. My artworks are filled with hints and allusions. They point to hidden treasures under the surface of the brushstrokes. Like an unfolding visual parable, artworks speak to each viewer uniquely, as they find hidden and

personal details." - Uné Morgan

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